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One on One Accelerated Flight training for PRIVATE PILOT and INSTRUMENT Certificates

Johnson Field 8NC9 - Located next to 0A7 Hendersonville Airport

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Phone and Text - (828) 460-3646 or email: smokiescfi1@gmail.com

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Johnson Fields 

Located at the Western North Carolina Air Museum Airport, 8NC9, also known as Johnson Field, a 2700' private turf runway in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC provides one on one accelerated flight training.  With a dedicated Master instructor, accomodations right on the airport, and almost exclusive use of a training aircraft, you will gain as much flight experience in two weeks as most schools provide in 6 months  to a year.

 Each course below can be clicked for more information, including course description, payment terms, study materials, etc.

All prices are cash or check, credit cards are accepted with a 3.5% processing fee.


Accelerated Private Pilot Course - 43 Hours - 14 Days - $11,165 with lodging

Longer or shorter courses can be arranged as needed.  Custom finish ups available.


60 hour - 21 day Private Pilot Course with lodging - $15,675

This is the course for someone that wants/needs more time to be comfortable and proficient for the checkride.


Accelerated Instrument Pilot Course - 50 Hours - 9 Days - $12,425 with lodging

Includes required x-country.  Customized shorter finish up courses available.


Combined Private & Instrument Course - 105 hours - 4 weeks $26,850 with lodging

Get both ratings and a jump start on your flying career.


Zero to Hero - 255 Hours - 14 weeks -Commercial with Instrument - $54,500 with lodging

Once per year course offered from January to mid-April


Commercial Also Available, Price Dependent On Requirements Remaining


All course prices include aircraft rental, flight instruction, & lodging. 

Accelerated courses are ideal for folks that tend to pick up new skills and knowledge quickly, and that are able to dedicate themselves to preparation.  Not everyone is suited to this type of training environment.  If you like to do things slow and easy, you may not be comfortable with accelerated training.  These courses are "drinking from a fire hose."  These courses are focused on the flight portion of training, and so require good preparation on the part of the student prior to arrival.  If your time is limited, and you want to work hard to get through the FLIGHT portion of the training quickly, and with the least expense, these courses are the way to go.


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The Airport Cottage


Airport Cottage

Room1  Room 4   Room 3


AOPA Flight Training Financing $100 - $200 Per Month Payments


All student pilots must obtain a student pilot certificate prior to starting training.  The process takes at least one week, and requires the assistance of a flight instructor, examiner, or FAA representative.  All students of Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC must be US Citizens, and provide a US Passport or Certified Birth Certificate prior to starting training.

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FAA Gold Seal Master Instructor Greg Collins, ATP, CSES, CFII, MEI, A&P IA

Our Cheif Instructor has over 15,000 hours of instruction given, with a 95% first time pass rate. Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC Instructors are all dedicated life long CFIs, not time builders.  When you select a flight school, ask the school how many successful pilots have earned their certificates through the school.  Is your instructor and aircraft available 7 days a week to meet your schedule?  Finishing well below the FAA average completion time of 75 hours is quite possible with a highly experienced instructor, and a hardworking, well prepared student.

Experience the mountains of western North Carolina - Asheville, Hendersonville, Rutherfordton, Brevard, Transylvania, Greenville, Spartanburg,  Jackson, Avery, and Pickens County Airport.

Greg in the Stearman

Click the photo for more about Greg

Some Recent Feedback -

I don't think I could have went anywhere to get better training! Greg is a top notch instructor! I had a great experience training with Greg, I finished in a short amount of time for a great price! I highly recommend Blue Ridge Sport Flight! - Aaron A.  Veedersburg, Indiana

His training was everything he advertises and more. I think it is a rare thing when you can find someone so knowledgeable in so many facets of their field. In addition to being very patient and gently shaping my flying abilities he knew every aspect of his airplanes, inside and out.   Rob W., New York

I could not be happier about my time spent with Greg Collins at Blue Ridge Sport Flight! I obtained my private license in 11 days. Researching the time and expenses for an aspiring pilot just to obtain a private license is enough to turn someone away from going any further. However, I can say that for the 11 days I spent at B.R.S.F. I had far less time and money invested than someone spreading their training out over several months or years.  Scott B. Valdosta, Georgia

Greg is a great instructor. Absolutely no nonsense approach in the air and on the ground. Bring your "A" game and you WILL learn to fly well and you WILL learn efficiently! Even if you have a "B" game day, Greg'll get you through it! - Jeff B.  Decatur, Georgia



Champ N84931

YouTube Video of the Cessna           YouTube Video of the Aeronca

Watch a Discovery Flight in the Champ

Video To Help Find The Hangar From Jackson Park

Video To Help Find The Hangar From Spartanburg Highway


GNS430W From this    Avidyne  to this  Dash

we've got it. 

The best deal in flight training, with Hendersonville's most experienced instructors.

Email for more details.   

Learn to fly one on one with a dedicated, full time, Gold Seal Master Flight Instructor. 

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted with 3% processing fee.

Like most flight schools, Blue Ridge Sport Flight does not carry hull insurance in favor of the student.  We require that all SOLO renters carry "Non-owned Aircraft Insurance" at all times.  Renter's insurance is NOT required when an instructor is in the airplane.  This insurance is very affordable, generally about $2 per day, and readily available through Avemco, AOPA, and EAA.  We can help arrange and explain the insurance.

Greg CollinsGreg Collins

Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Sea Plane, Commercial UAV

Gold Seal Master Flight Instructor - Single Engine Land and Sea, Multiengine, Instrument Airplane

Advanced Ground Instructor

A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization,  Authorized Rotax Repairman.


Phone: (828) 460-3646 cell

email: smokiescfi1@gmail.com   

Mailing address:  1194 Eastbrook Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792



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