255 hours flight time in a Cessna 172.

105 nights in the Airport Cottage.

As much instruction as needed to accomplish the three ratings required during the 105 days, up to 236 hours.

The examiner is paid directly for each checkride.  Currently he is charging $850 per checkride, with a $150 fee due at the time of scheduling with him (it's good to be the examiner!) 

Price is $54,500 if paid in cash.  Any portion of the course tuition that is paid by credit card will be subject to a 3.25% processing fee.  The course payments are to be paid as follows: 

$7500 non-refundable deposit, due at booking, to lock out the dates on my schedule.  (The course deposit is refundable only if for any reason Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC can"t provide the training) 

$27,000 ,   due, earned, and payable 2 weeks prior to course start.

$20.000,  the remaining balance, is due by the completion of 77 hours of flight time.

Each of the three checkrides require a $150 booking fee, which is paif by the student.  The checkrides themselves are $850 each, paid directly to the examiner. 


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