New Ratings and Certificates:


01/22  Matt Marrs  Private Pilot

11/21  Zack Shellabarger  Instrument Rating

08/21  Jack Phillips  Private Pilot

02/21  Trevor Cuzick  First Solo

01/21  Art Hinkley Private Pilot

01/21  Art Hinkley  First Solo

12/20  Tom Merana  Instrument Rating

11/20  Fred Husch  Instrument Pilot

10/20 Stacey Wells  Private Pilot

09/20  Casey Hutson Private Pilot

09/20  Casey Hutson Firrst Solo

07/20  Tylor Bretthauer First Solo

07/20  Mike Vinson  Instrument Rating

05/20  Cordell Rodriguez  First Solo

02/20  Joe Rotondo  Private Pilot

01/20  Zach Kaufman  Private Pilot

10/19  Evert Cheha  First Solo

06/19  Scott Serafin  First Solo

06/19  Chis Westerman  Instrument Rating

03/19  Greg Nolle First Solo

02/19  Scott Koch First Solo

01/19  Bruce Keikmeier First Solo

 01/19   Gavin Reen  First Solo

 09/18  Ash Vaughan  Instrument Rating

08/18  Oliver Gaines  First Solo

08/18  Jacob Thomas Private Pilot

07/18 Jacob Thomas First Solo

07/18  Samantha Walton  Private Pilot

00/18  Samantha Walton  First Solo

06/18   Meredith Garrelts  Private Pilot

04/18  Meredith Garrelts  First Solo

04/18  Eric Szopa  Private Pilot

04/18  Eric Szopa  First Solo

01/18  Kevin Clark Private Pilot

01/18  Bill McKibbin  Instrument Rating

11/17 Mason Walter  Instrument Rating

11/17  Kevin Clark First Solo

11/17  Joe Deceglia First Solo Cessna 172

10/17  Stephen Mailloux Private Pilot

07/17  Garrett Volker Private Pilot

07/17  Josh Fuhrer  Private Pilot

06/17  James Garry  First Solo

03/17   Brad Birkey  Instrument Rating

07/17  Garrett Volker Instrument Rting

07/17  Josh Fuhrer  Private Pilot

07/17   First Solo

06/17  James Garry  First Solo

03/17  Scott McCarthy  Sport Pilot Airplane

03/17   Keoni Cruz Instrument Rating

03/17   Keoni Cruz  Private Pilot

03/17   Keoni Cruz  Solo

12/16  Chase Clark Solo

11/16  Eli Ozana  Private Pilot

11/16  Bill McKelvie  Sport Pilot

11/16  Eli Ozana  First Solo

10/16  Zachary Helms Instrument Rating

10/16  Robert Fisher  Instrument Rating

10/16  Zachary Helms Private Pilot

10/16  Zachary Helms  First Solo

08/16  Kent Evans Private Pilot

08/16  Kelby Moore  Private Pilot

08/16  Ryan Cotten  Cessna Solo

07/16  Tyson Sawyer  Instrument Rating

06/16  Eli Fozzard Private Pilot

06/16  Steve Schlesinger  Private Pilot

06/16   Steve Schlesinger  Solo

06/16  Jay Hayns Instrument Rating

05/16  Craig Beaucage  Private Pilot

05/16  Dan Winkelman Private Pilot

04/16  Dan Winkelman  First Solo

03/16   Larry Kirby  Sport Pilot

03/16   Eli Fozzard First Solo

02/16   Cole McKibbin Instrument Rating

01/16  Rob Weber Sport Pilot 10 Days

01/16   Rob Weber  First Solo

11/15   Jay Haynes Private Pilot

 11/15  Jay Haynes First Solo Cessna

11/15  Taylor White Private Pilot

11/15  Taylor White First Solo

10/15  Nick King  Private Pilot

10/15  Nick King  Cessna Solo

9/15  Scott Baker  Private Pilot on Day 11

9/15  Scott Baker  First Solo on day 3 of training!

8/15  Ben Diaz  Private Pilot in the Champ  8 days!

8/15  Ben Diaz Champ Solo

8/15  Brian Arnold  Cessna Solo

7/15  Donna Geiger  Private Pilot

7/15  Bill McKibbin  Private Pilot

6/15  Sanjiv Barhdwaj  Instrument Rating

6/15  Bill McKibbin First Solo

6/15  Mitchell Ryan  First Solo

5/15   Seth Johnson  Instrument Rating

5/15   Richard Mendler Instrument Rating

4/15   Cameron Carter  Instrument Rating

2/15   Rustem Gumerov  Private Pilot

1/15   Caleb Benton  Private Pilot

1/15  Christine Pirotin  Private Pilot

12/14  Jessica Moodie  Private Pilot

12/14  Aaron Alward Private Pilot in 9 Days

12/14  Aaron Alward First Solo in both the Champ and the Cessna

10/14  Andrea Garcia  Private Pilot

10/14  Patrick Haller  Private Pilot

09/14  Patrick Haller  First Solo

9/14   Carson Courchaine  Private Pilot

09/14  Maurice Marco Instrument Rating

09/14  Leo Shumyak Private Pilot

09/14  Bogdan Udyak  Private Pilot

08/14 Tucker Epperson  Instrument Rating

08/14  Leo Shumyak  First Solo

08/14  Ryan Phillips Private Pilot

7/14  Ryan Phillips  First Solo

05/14  Matt Geouge First Solo

05/14  Issac Jones First Solo

05/14  Cody Downey  Instrument Rating

05/14  Jessica Moodie  First Solo

04/14  John Arrigo Private Pilot

03/14  Barry Kropelin  Sport Pilot

01/14  Jeff Everhart Private Pilot

01/14  Jeff Everhart Solo

01/14  Katherine Morosani  First Solo

01/14  Jen-Michael Keupp  Private Pilot

01/14  Cory Phillips  First Solo

12/13  Tucker Epperson  Private Pilot

12/13  Jason McKay  Instrument Rating

11/13  Jen-Michael Keupp  First Solo

11/13  Tim Fagan  Instrument Rating

10/13  Liviu Marazan  First Solo

10/13  John Arrigo  First Solo

10/13  Troy Davis  First Solo

10/13  Sanjiv Bhardwaj  Private Pilot in 10 Days!

09/13  Sanjiv Bhardwaj First Solo

09/13  Mark Callender Sport Pilot

08/13  Doug Thomson Private Pilot

08/13  Jason Hamilton  First Solo

08/13  Tucker Epperson First Solo

08/13  Jeff Bragg  Private Pilot

08/13  Austin Kaile  Private Pilot

08/13  Austin Kaile First Solo

08/13  Duane Pantino  First Solo in the Cessna

06/13  Andrew Bell  High Performance Endorsement

06/13  Bruce Van Fleet  Private Pilot

05/13  Andrew Bell  Private Pilot

05/13  Mark Callender First Solo in the Champ

04/13  Doug Thomson  First Solo

03/13  Jeff Boatright  Sport Pilot

03/13  Andrew Bell,  First Solo

03/13  Cody Downey,  Private Pilot

03/13   Steve Poland,  Private Pilot

02/13  Kevin High,  First Solo in the Champ

02/13  Duane Pantino, Sport Pilot in 7 days!

02/13  Duane Pantino, New York, First Solo Champ

01/13  Roger Saunders, Spartanburg,  Private Pilot

01/13  Craig Moodie, Asheville,   Instrument Rating

11/12  Johannes Van Niekerk  Sport Pilot

11/12  Scott Miller  Instrument Rating

10/12  Melinda Hruby, Alaska, Instrument Rating

09/12  Craig Moodie, Asheville, Private Pilot

09/12  Rusty Jewett, Charlotte, Private Pilot

09/12  Neil Kitson, New Jersey,Private Pilot

09/12  Neil Kitson, New Jersey,  First Solo Champ and C-172

08/12  Craig Moodie  First Solo

08/12  Cameron Gilmore, Texas, Private Pilot

08/12 Cameron Gilmore, Texa, First Solo

08/12  Roger Saunders First Solo

07/12  Stephen Poland  First Solo

07/12 Joel Parker Solo

07/12  Rusty Jewett, Charlotte, First Solo

06/12  Jason McKay, Arden, Private Pilot

06/12   Caleb Oates  Private Pilot

06/12  Jay Haynes Sport Pilot in 9 days

06/12  Jay Haynes  First Solo in the Champ

06/12 Alexandra Jampolsky, California, Private Pilot in 14 days

05/12  Alexandra Jampolsky  First solo in the Champ and the C-172

05/12   Dylan McNary  First Solo

05/12  Cole McKibbin  First Solo in the Cessna and the Champ on his 16th birthday

05/12  Patrick Doyle  Private Pilot 12 Days

05/12  Jimmy Staton First Solo

05/12  Ben Huber, Switzerland, Instrument Rating

05/12  Patrick Doyle First Solo

04/12 Jason McKay First Solo

04/12  David Bronson Sport Pilot

04/12  John Hayler Instrument Rating

03/12  Luke Braswell  Commercial Pilot

03/12  Jimmy Perkins First Solo

03/12  Gianni DiFranco  Private Pilot

01/12  Caleb Oates  First Solo

01/12  Theodore Wright  Instrument Rating

01/12  Rob Thomas  First Solo

01/12  Steven Shirk  Private Pilot in 2 Weeks

12/ 11  Steven Shirk  First Solo

12/11  Adam Hargraves  First Solo

12/11  Bruce Riddle  First Solo

11/11  Cody Downey First Solo on 16th birthday

10/11  Charles Sines  Private Pilot in 2 Weeks

09/11  Charles Sines  Solo

09/11 Demetric Walker  Private Pilot

 08/11  Tim White  Private Pilot in 2 weeks!

07/11  Tim White  First Solo

07/11  Travis Adcox  Private Pilot in 10 days!

07/11  Jacob Lovett Private Pilot in 7days!

07/11  Jacob Lovett  Solo

07/11  Travis Adcox Solo

06/11  Richard Adelmann  Sport Pilot

06/11  Mike Bagley  First Solo

05/11 Glen Tripp  First Solo

05/11  Keith Ketterman  Sport Pilot in 9 Days

05/11  James Baker  First Solo

05/11  Keith Ketterman  First Solo

05/11  David Pressley  Private Pilot

04/11  Casey Denham  First Solo

04/11  Gianni DiFranco Flrst Solo

03/11  Vance Simons  Sport Pilot in 9 days

03/11  Vance Simons  Champ Solo

03/11  Tim Rater  First Solo

03/11  Mike Cromartie  First Solo

02/11  Ronny Corbin  First Solo

01/11  Justin Craig  Private Pilot

01/11  Jack Feroldi  Private Pilot

12/10  Chuck Canipe  Private Pilot

12/10  Jack Feroldi  First Solo C-172 and the Champ

12/10  David Pressley  First Solo

11/10  Justin Craig  First Solo C-172 and Champ

11/10  Darrel Thrift   First Solo

11/10  Eddie Blackwood  First Solo

09/10  Matt Williams  First Solo

09/10  Matt Robinson  Private Pilot

09/10  Charles Smith  First Solo

08/10 Chris Engle Private Pilot

08/10  Seth Johnson  Private Pilot

07/10  Zack Lissard  Sport Pilot

06/10  Chuck Canipe  Sport Pilot

06/10  Rebecca McMahan Private Pilot

05/10  Ken Cross  Private Pilot

04/10  Chuck Canipe  First Solo

04/10  Ashley Childers  First Solo

04/10  Chris Engle  First Solo

04/10  Casey Lyon  Sport Pilot

04/10  Scott Ginter  Sport Pilot

04/10  Jan Grover  Sport Pilot

03/10  Andrew Shefter  Private Pilot

03/10  Casey Lyon  First Solo

03/10  Jan Grover  First Solo

03/10  Rick Voso  First Solo

03/10   Chris Goetsch  Private Pilot

02/10  Seth Johnson First Solo

01/10  Sal Raimondi Private Pilot

01/10  Larry Kirby  First Solo

12/09  Scott Ginter  First Solo

11/09  Hermann Gucinski Sport Pilot

10/09  David Campbell Private Pilot

09/09 Julian Brugo  Private Pilot

09/09  Andrew Shefter  First Solo

09/09  Becca McMahan First Solo

08/09  Denis Butmerchuk Private Pilot

08/09  Steve Jarrell Instrument Rating

07/09  Julian Brugo  First Solo

05/09  Matt Robinson  First Solo

05/09  Steve Jarrell   Private Pilot

05/09  Daniel Schermerhorn Commercial Pilot

05/09  Bill Mance  First Solo

04/09  David Cambpell  First Solo

04/09  Lash Briggs  First Solo

04/09  Robbie Bernardi  First Solo

03/09 Jon Smith Private Pilot

03/09  Sean Murphy  Private Pilot

03/09  Chris Hamiel  First Solo

02/09  Robert Murray Private Pilot

02/09  Steve Jarrell  Sport Pilot

02/09  Dave Campbell First Solo

02/09  Greg Harbin First Solo

01/09  Nicholas Lanning Private Pilot

01/09  Hermann Gucinski     First Solo - 68 years old, in the Champ!

01/09  Kevin Smith First Solo

12/08 Ricky Worley  First Solo 

12/08 Ken Cross   First Solo

12/08  Steve Jarrell   First Solo

12/08 Jon Smith First Solo

11/08 Darien Alston Private Pilot

11/08 Nicholas Lanning First Solo

11/08  Taylor Perkins First Solo

10/08  Bob Glacken  Sport Pilot

07/08  Beth Coleman First Solo - 16 years old, in the Champ!  Off to the Air Force Academy

07/08 Ziggy Forster     First Solo

07/08  Sean Murphy   First Solo

07/08  Craig Sager Instrument Rating

06/08 Bruce Phail    Private Pilot          

04/08  Scott Branson Commercial Pilot

04/08 Larry Oslund Private Pilot

04/08 Manuel Schroth Private Pilot

03/08 Bill Pendergrass Instrument Rating

03/08 Glen Armstrong Private Pilot

03/08 Jayden Gurney Private Pilot

02/08 John Slattery Private Pilot

02/08 Scott Branson  Complex Endorsement

02/08 Scott Branson Instrument Rating

01/08 Jayden Gurney First Solo

01/08 Mike Williams Instrument Rating

01/08  Robert Murray First Solo

12/07  Manuel Schroth First Solo

11/07  Doug Anderson Private Pilot

11/07  Darien Alston  First Solo

10/07  Ben Stilwell     First Solo

08/07 Craig Sager   Private Pilot

08/07 Ben Plowman Private Pilot

08/07  Fred Huscher Private Pilot

08/07 Brad Birkey  Private Pilot 

07/07 John Barlow     First Solo

07/07  Craig Sager, Washington, First Solo                         

07/07  Christina Dacey, South Carolina, Private Pilot

07/07  John Nodine, Asheville, Private Pilot

06/07  Ben Plowman, Black Mountain, First Solo

06/07  Brad Birkey, Asheville, First Solo

05/07  Mike Williams, Saluda, Private Pilot

02/07 Mike Williams, Saluda, First Solo!

02/07 Keith Swanger, Waynesville,Private Pilot

02/07 Christina Dacey, South Carolina, Solo

01/19/07  Ken Orban, Asheville, Commercial Pilot

01/11/07  Erik Love, Pennsylvania, Instrument Pilot

01/07  Todd Jacobus, Saluda,  Private Pilot

12/24 Keith Wells, Sylva,  First Solo

10/06 Fred Huscher, Hendersonville, First Solo!

09/06 Dane Taylor, Asheville,  First Solo!

09/06 Dave Jennings, Alaska, Private Pilot and Tailwheel Endorsement

07/06 Billy Jerles, Georgia, Instrument Airplane

07/06 Kevin Bently, Georgia, Private Pilot SEL

07/06 Colin Alexander, Georgia,  Private Pilot SEL

 05/06 Kyle Jackson, Georgia, Private Pilot SEL

04/06 Mike Mullins, Georgia, Private Pilot SEL

03/06 Tim Martin, Georgia, Private Pilot SEL

03/06 Juan Lopez, Georgia, Private Pilot SEL

12/05 James Wells, Georgia, Commercial Pilot SEL

11/05 Ben Copeland, Georgia,  Private Pilot SEL

08/05 Andrew Poe, Georgia,  Private Pilot SEL

07/05 Richard  Kincaid, Florida,  Sport Pilot SEL

06/05 Jerome Hay, Georiga, Recreational Pilot SEL

10/03 Rich Moakler, Tennessee,  Instrument Rating

08/03 John Pennington, Tennessee Instrument Instructor

04/03  Brian Lovin. Tennessee  Private Pilot

Tailwheel Endorsements:

Samantha Walton

Clinton Johnson

Meredith Garrelts

David Kee

Stephen Mailloux

Bill McKelvie

Kelby Moore

Donald Haynes

Rob Weber

Scott Baker

Ben Diaz

Bogdan Udyak

Brian Leftwich

Barry Kropelin

Larry LeBlanc

Fred Arrington

Jennifer Wenk

Charles Wenk

Stacy Schreffler

Justin Jensen

Joseph Dougherty

Dave Wadell

Norman Taylor

Joy Howard

Ladd Campbell

Jason Hamilton

Mark Callender

Jeff Boatright

Kevin High

Duane Pantino

Rob Mathis

Tom Davis

John McCann

Royce Rahn

Johannes Van Niekerk

Bryan Cannon

Neil Kitson

Ross Meredith

Dan Robinson

George Waranowitz

Don Brann

David Parlier

Seth Johnson

Randy Brenneman

Stephen Poland

Caleb Oates

Jay Haynes

Alexandra Jampolsky

Cole McKibbin

Luke Braswell

Rocky Fleming

Rob Thomas

Adam Hargraves

Dave Gustavo 

Eddie Gahagan

Dale Williams

Dale Aldrich

Charles Mackin

Bruce Cynamon

Leo Dringoli

Tom Lynch

Kelli Graham

Jorey Riley

Pat Glazier

Alec Myers

Tim White

Dave Teter

Tom Carothers

Matt Hutton

Mike Bagley

Kip Reynolds

Glen Tripp

Keith Ketterman

James Baker

Casey Denham

Logan Manley

Vance Simons

Tim Rater

Roy Corbin

Mike Cromartie

Justin Craig

Jack Feroldi

David Pressley

Kris Robinson

Darrel Thrift

Eddie Blackwood

Travis Harrold

Matt Williams

Charles Smith

Tim Stringer

 Nigel Aylmer

Juan Quiros

Bill Fearheiley

Tobey Robertson

Scott Neuman

Don Johnson

Jeff Browne

Chuck Canipe

Joe Gerardi

Matt Archer

Jan Grover

Casey Lyon

Roger Murtie

Chris Goetsch

Troy Maynor

Larry Kirby

Scott Ginter

Loel Putnam

Walter Coles

Scott Johnson

Butch Adams

David Haynes

Stan Smith

Bill Felder

Kenneth Pigeon

Bill Billinger

Justing Wagner

Brad Birkey

Robbie Bernardi

Jon Smith

Chris Hamiel

John Hope

Sean Rutherford

Richard Cobb

Herman Gucinski

Sean Rutherford

Richard Cobb

Beth Coleman

George Polos

Elizabeth Coleman

Mo Usman

Tom Parette

Todd Jacobus

Ian McMahon

Manuel Schroth

Mike Williams

Dennis Reynolds

Gary Hedrick

John Diluigi

Sid Lambert

Luis Soto

Ray Archer

Brian Allen

Mark Wilson

Robert Wilson

James Wells

David Reynolds

Richard Kincaid

Marcus Waters

Jerome Hay

David Murphy

Mike Coloney

Lewis Puckett

Erik Grabowski

Daryl Wade

Mike Lifton

Danny Higginbotham

David Jennings