Private Instrument Course


This is the ideal course for Pro Students, or the new Pilot that wants to purchase an aircraft and start traveling.

3 to 4 Weeks of intensive flight and ground.  You will fly every day like a pro pilot.  We have to put in hours, so we fly no matter what.  Cross country, instrument flight plans, night, whatever it takes to get done, without compromising safety.  You will not find a lower cost way to get started in the business. 

The course includes 105 hours of aircraft rental and training.  You get access to ground training from a 15000 hour pilot with an ATP rating that is also a licensed mechanic and inspector.  Learn the business inside and out.  All charts and plates are provided, as well as XM weather.  Learn to use an electronic flight book while flying the latest WAAS approaches.  You will be fully prepared to move on to training with any of the airline prep schools.

Included in the price -

105 Flight Hoursr, $1100 in flight examiner fees, 21 nights in the Airport Cottage at $65 per night.

Additional nights in the Cottage are $65 per night.

Written test fees, medical exam, food, and transportation are not included.

Payment Terms

$1800 non-refundable deposit to reserve training dates.

$9470 upon arrival.        $9470 at the completion of 48 hours of training.

If the trainee elects to discontinue training for any reason prior to completion of 48 hours, the $1800 deposit and the first payment of $8970

is due, payable, and fully earned by Blue Ridge Sport Flight and will not be refunded.  If the trainee discontinues training after 48 hours, all used

hours will be billed at the rate of $185 per hour, and the $1800 deposit will be forfeited.  The $1800 deposit is applied to the last 10 hours of

training.  All examiner fees are paid directly to the examiner in cash.



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