60 Hour Course for Private Pilot


This course is for the student that would like more time to become proficient and comfortable with flying while with an instructor, and in many cases, is more realistic for the average student pilot.  All flight requirements and training for the 43 hour course are included, with an additional 17 hours to practice and prepare for the checkride.  Additional time can be spent doing solo flight or instruction, including more advanced cross country and controlled field training.  Additional practical training is recommended for the new pilot that intends to start flying cross country with friends or family right away. 

The course includes use of the aircraft for 60 hours, and up to 36 hours of instruction, 10 hours of solo, and 4 hours to complete the FAA Checkride.  All fuel, oil, headsets, charts, etc.  are included, there are no hidden surcharges.  The examiner's flight test fee is an additional $650, which is paid directly to the examiner in cash at the end of the training.  Exclusive use of the airport cottage is included for up to 21 nights.

It is possible to finish this course in less than 21 days, if weather, and student ability allows.  It is expected that we will fly a minimum of 4 hours per day on every day that weather allows us to safely.  It is also expected that there will be days that we can not fly due to maintenance or weather.  Days off can be spent studying, doing ground, or just relaxing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Course Payment Breakdown

An initial deposit of $1800 is required to reserve course dates.  Depsosits are not refundable as significant time is locked out on the instructor's schedule, the cottage, and the examiner.  If sufficient notice is given, we can shift dates to accomodate unforseen delays.  If for any reason the course cannot be provided due to the fault of Blue Ridge Sport Flight, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Upon arrival, 1/2 of the remaining balance, and the full lodging cost, is earned, due, and payable to Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC - $6855.

At the completion of 25 hours, the remaining balance of $5270 is due.

The $1800 deposit is used to cover the last 9 hours of training, at the completion of the full 60 course.  If the student elects to discontinue training at any time, and for any reason, any tuition paid is forfeited.  Blue Ridge Sport Flight guarantees to provide an instructor and aircraft.  If for any reason, the aircraft or instructor becomes unavailable for an extended period of time at the fault of Blue Ridge Sport Flight LLC, any unused tuition will be refunded.  It is expected and agreed that there will be a day of two of maintenance required during the 21 days that may interfere with training.  Blue Ridge Sport Flight will make every effort to complete unscheduled maintenance as quickly as possible.  Weather delays are not uncommon, and are very much a part of general aviation flight.  In the event that a prolonged period of weahter causes delays, the student may extend, or reschedule training, but since weather is beyond Blue Ridge Sport Flight's control, and so. does not cause a refund.  Blue Ridge Sport Flight will make every reasonable effort to ensure the student gets done.


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